How to Become the Next Affiliate Superstar FAST

How to Become the Next Affiliate Superstar FAST

When people start affiliate marketing, they likely have just one goal in mind: to become the next 'superstar affiliate' and
to start selling products in the thousands of millions so that they can give up the day job and start travelling the world. 

We hear these success stories all the time and we're constantly told it's possible. The problem is, that when most people
try and emulate that success, they end up with a few paltry sales and a lot of time wasted and hopes dashed.

It doesn't have to be this way though. If you're smart about it, then there's no reason you can leapfrog the rest of the
marketers and go straight to the top as a superstar affiliate!

The Tried and Tested Formula

The first tip for doing this is to emulate the people you want to be as successful as. Find someone who you genuinely
believe is making a killing from affiliate marketing and do your background checks by asking about them on Warrior Forum or
just following them around the web for a bit. Are they hanging out with other big names? Are they showing signs of being
'in the money'?

Once you're sure, you should then sign up to their mailing list, go on their site and generally become one of their
prospective customers. Instead of buying from them though, you're just going to learn from them. What product are they
selling? How are they convincing their audience to buy?

You can then lift that exact same product and exact same formula and do the same thing yourself. That's the beautiful thing
about affiliate marketing – you can use the very same formula!

Stand Out

When you start doing this though, you'll of course be competing with all the other affiliate marketers who had the same
idea (not to mention that initial superstar). The trick to succeeding is to do what they probably aren't – by adding value.
Could you give away a free e-book with your sales for instance?

Go Big or Go Home

The other thing to do is scale up. Want to guarantee success? Then sell 100 affiliate products – one of them is bound to
become a hit! Likewise, make sure you're going big in terms of the amount of work you're doing, the amount of money you're
putting in and the amount of social media you're doing. The simple rule is that if you want to make a full-time living from
an online job, you need to treat it like your full time living. One hour a month is not enough!

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